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Home DIY Projects

Looking for creative but easy ways to light up your home? Here are five home decorating projects, ranging in complexity, that we have hand-picked for you! 


Rainbow Table
Turn an ordinary table into a rainbow table using different colored tapes to cover the table up. Ensure a strong hold by using scotch tape underneath while covering the top with laquer and plexi-glass. Finally, make the unit light and happy by using bright colors! (Source:


Picture Wall Collage
Fill your empty wall with memories and a centerpiece by making your own picture collage. Using pictures, boards and tapes, you can easily make a room fun, interesting and memorable! You can also give it an Instagram feel by resizing your photos into squares with black frames. (Source:


Undershelf Storage
If you already have open shelves filled with some stuff but need to store some more you can make some by yourself under these shelves. All you need is some glass jars with metal lids and something to fasten them. Take the shelf you intend to use, lay it upside down, place all lids on it and fasten with something. Screw all jars into these lids and your space saving under shelf storage is done. (Source:


Mini Magnet Garden
Create your own mini garden with only corks, a knife, a screwdriver, a hot glue gun and magnets. Simply punch holes in the corks with the head of a screwdriver and carve the inside with the knife. Fill your mini cork planters with soil then plant your succulent clippings inside. Place magnets behind your cork, place them on the fridge and admire the planters! (Source:


Rainbow Wooden Mat
Welcome your guest with a burst of color! Using old boards, drill, sandpaper and paint, create your own wooden map by cutting and sand smoothing boards into 9″ long pieces. Paint the pieces with different colors then insert a threaded rod through 15 pieces to hold them in place. Continue adding groups of seven or eight pieces to lengthen the mat. (Source:


Mix & Match

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