Boysen HealthyHome™: Odorless Anti-Bacterial Paint

Boysen HealthyHome™: Odorless for Healthy Living

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about BOYSEN® Healthy Home or just painting in general? Here are some answers that may help you and your painting project!

  • Is BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ safe and environment friendly?

    Yes. BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ has a level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that underwent and met the strictest international standards for environmental performance. In fact, the VOC level of BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ is below US and European VOC limits for flat latex paint.

    With BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ also being lead-free and mercury-free, you can rest assure that with it, you and the environment are safe.

  • Where is it ideal to use BOYSEN® Healthy Home™?

    In the walls of your bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, patio, play room, recreation room, kid's room, and damp places where microorganisms thrive. 

  • Are there special equipment or sundries needed in the application of BOYSEN® Healthy Home™?

    BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ can be applied like regular paint. Being so, you may use any of the following: paint brush, roller or airless spray. To learn more about painting procedures, click here.

  • What color is best for my room?

    The color selected for a room affects the mood of its inhabitants while at the same time, expressing their personality. Pick a color or a color combination that matches your lifestyle and the purpose of the room. To help you visualize the possibilities, please use our Mix-&-Match tool.

  • How much paint do I need to paint my room?

    A number of factors should be considered in determining the amount paint needed for a project. To be able to get an estimate, please use our Paint Calculator

  • Can I have special colors mixed?

    Yes, you can have special colors mixed through our factory or through our Mix & Match Stations nearest to you. If you have a color in mind, please bring a sample and we will do our best to find a matching paint color for you!

  • What are Volatile Organic Compounds and how does it affect my home?

    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) contains the element carbon. Products which contain carbon emit chemical vapors that easily evaporate in the air and leave a sharp smell. They can come from products we use often like office equipment, adhesives, carpeting, upholstery, paints, solvents, and cleaning products.

    These compounds do not have an impact on your home but affects the health of your family. In fact, many studies have shown that VOCs when used in large quantities can cause eye, nose, and throat irritations, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, mild memory loss, and to some extent, cancer in humans. 

  • How does BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ with antibacterial protection technology work?

    Click here to learn more about BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ and how its antibacterial protection technology works to protect you and your home from germs and microbes.

  • Does the antibacterial protection technology begin to work immediately after application?

    Yes it does. BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ and its antibacterial protection technology begins to work as soon as the microorganism comes into contact with the paint's surface. It then works continuously to stop the growth of the microorganism on your walls. However, to constantly ward off bacteria and keep your home safe, it is important to clean your house daily while simultaneously practicing good hygiene.

  • How long will the antibacterial protection technology remain effective?

    The antibacterial protection technology has been incorporated during the manufacturing process thus; they will not wash off or wear away. It will continuously provide protection to your family and home for the lifetime of the product.

  • How can I maintain the efficacy of the paint over time?

    To maximize the efficacy of BOYSEN® Healthy Home™, we recommend lightly cleaning painted surfaces with mild soap and water.

  • Will the antibacterial protection technology remain effective if we conduct periodic sanitation procedures in sanitation areas (ex: use of disinfectants in hospitals and commissaries)?

    Yes, except when using strong acids / bases for cleaning.

  • I clean my house daily. Does this make my home safe from germs and bacteria?

    Cleaning will help prevent the spread of harmful germs, parasites and microbes. However, to constantly ward off bacteria and keep your home safe, it is important to clean your house daily while simultaniously practicing good hygiene.

  • What types of bacteria does BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ with antibacterial protection technology work against?

    BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ is effective against most common bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi that cause stains, odors and product degradation. However, it is recommended that daily cleaning and proper hygiene be observed to stay healthy and disease-free. 

  • Does the antibacterial protection technology used in BOYSEN® Healthy Home™ promote resistant strains of microorganisms?

    After a number of years of use in numerous consumer, industrial and medical applications, there has been no evidence of resistant strain development with the antibacterial protection technology used in BOYSEN® Healthy Home™.

  • Has anyone ever gotten sick from using products with antibacterial protection technology?

    Having undergone extensive tests and used in a number of consumer products, we can deduce that the antibacterial protection technology used is safe. 

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