Boysen HealthyHome™: Odorless Anti-Bacterial Paint

Boysen HealthyHome™: Odorless for Healthy Living

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Painting Tips Painting Tips Surface preparation is especially important for repainting projects as most of the problems are caused by faulty surface conditions, inadequate preparation and moisture entry." view more
Painting Tools Painting Tools view more
Common Painting Problems Common Painting Problems view more
How often Should I Clean How often Should I Clean We all want a clean and healthy home.view more
Life Hacks for a Clean and Organized Home Life Hacks for a Clean and Organized Home Whether it’s on Facebook, Pinterest or 9gag, you’ve got to admit: we all enjoy seeing new and creative techniques in making life easier.view more
 The Cleaning Habit The Cleaning Habit Perhaps because it is a time consuming task, the word “clean” or “cleaning” has been made synonymous to the word “chore” – it’s not something we enjoy doing but we have to.view more
A Green Home is A Healthy Home A Green Home is A Healthy Home Apart from keeping your residence clean, creating a healthy home entails caring for everything that exists around you – including your neighbors, your pets and the environment.view more
Choosing Colors Choosing Colors Whether it’s for your walls, floors or furnishings, the colors you choose and the way you mix or match them together have the capability of setting – if not affecting – the mood for a room.view more
Create Welcoming Entryways Create Welcoming Entryways While a lot of effort is being exerted in turning a house into a home, we often overlook the first area that greets us when entering the structure – the entryways.view more
Home DIY Projects Home DIY Projects Looking for creative but easy ways to light up your home? Here are five home decorating projects, ranging in complexity, that we have hand-picked for you! Rainbow Table Turn an ordinary table into a rainbow table using different colored tapes to cover the table up.view more
Selecting Furniture for your Home Selecting Furniture for your Home Apart from the wall colors, accents and decorations, the type of furniture that you select and use help turn your house into a home.view more

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