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The Cleaning Habit

Perhaps because it is a time consuming task, the word “clean” or “cleaning” has been made synonymous to the word “chore” – it’s not something we enjoy doing but we have to. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Cleaning, like any task, if done habitually and in small doses, becomes easy and manageable.

To begin, here are 6 things that you can incorporate into your day; little things that when put together has a noticeable impact to your home.

Habit #1: Make your Bed
One of mom’s basic requests, making your bed actually helps make a room look tidy. A made bed would not embarrass you in front of unexpected guests while making the end of the day extra welcoming for you.


Habit #2: Give them Designated Places
Be it your old clothes, socks or bags for the day, give these items a rightful drop-off point to keep them from piling up or being scattered on your floors. This could be as simply as putting a hook by the door where you can leave your bag or a basket by your bedside which can catch all your articles of clothing. (Source:


Habit #3: Keep the Bathroom Clean and Dry
After taking your morning bath, take a few minutes to clean your bathroom counter, sink and floor. This means putting your personal products in place, disposing of fallen hair properly (yes, in the trash bin) and quickly wiping away excess water. A few minutes each day, saving you a lot of time when you do your weekly clean.


Habit #4:  Nightly Check
Before calling it a night, take time to go over your kitchen. Apart from unplugging electronic devices that are not in us, keep your kitchen counter and sink clean and clear of clutter. This makes cooking easier, as you wouldn’t have to deal with so much mess, while eliminating food items that may attract parasites and rodents.


Habit #5: Wipe off Splatter
Whether it’s on your counter or in electronic devices (ex: oven toaster or microwave), take a few minutes each day to remove little splatters and crumbs. The logic being that these small items accumulate, making them harder to remove as they dry up. While it is easier to ignore them, especially for those found inside electronic appliances, cleaning them saves time in the long run while again, eliminating things that may attract parasites and rodents.


Habit #6: Arrange items in your Living Room
From coffee table books to floor mats to throw pillows, remember to rearrange them after use – especially when you have children. Leaving them disarranged can easily make a room look cluttered, messy and unwelcoming. Putting these items in place and above floor level will also allow you to do a quick sweep through.


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