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Choosing Colors

Whether it’s for your walls, floors or furnishings, the colors you choose and the way you mix or match them together have the capability of setting – if not affecting – the mood for a room. Their psychological value can nurture or curb your personality, equally affecting the way you view and act in a certain location.

While different people have different styles and preferences, here are four general color selection tips that may help you create a secured, relaxed and happy atmosphere in your home:


Using contrasts. While it's almost customary to do a “terno” or matching theme to guarantee a harmonious look, this doesn't have to be the case with your home. Unless you're using neutral colors like cream, gray and beige, whitewashing can make a room appear boring and cold. Explore color combinations or contrasts to give your room warmth and personality - start with little things like the wall linings or pillows! (Source:


Count your devices. In decorating and selecting colors, remember to consider your technological or electronic devices – like television sets, refrigerators and computers. While they are there for their functionality, their color (be it silver, black or white) actually contribute to the overall look, theme and feel of a room. As a rule of thumb, keep the area interesting and attractive by matching the colder colors of devices with warm and humble materials. Similar to this kitchen, the wooden texture gives a balanced and homey feel, amidst the metallic tones.


Consider existing furniture. Though it's normal to use magazine designs as pegs, remember that most of these are matched perfectly with signature sofas and accessories. Thus, in selecting colors, don't just go with what's trendy - choose and consider those that will match your space and your own or existing furniture!


I-Colors. Finally, decorate using colors that makes you smile and happy. Remember that the way you combine your favorite colors expresses a personality and meaning that is uniquely yours! (Source:


Mix & Match

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