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Selecting Furniture for your Home

Apart from the wall colors, accents and decorations, the type of furniture that you select and use help turn your house into a home. While shopping for units could be fun, especially when you have set aside a healthy budget, it can be a bit tricky for some. Being so, here are so tips to help you select the right ones for you!


Furniture that adds warmth. While we've all dreamt of having a lazyboy and sleek leather couches, using furniture that adds warmth can make a room more welcoming and cozy. Abundant in the Philippines, an example of this is wicker furniture. Try putting them in a sunny corner of their own or mix them with your upholstered pieces and see for yourself! (Source:


Match items with activity. If your living room is a place to kick back and relax, don’t layer in overly formal or stuffy furniture. Match the mood of your room and its furnishings with its purpose and with the activities that you plan to do there. (Source:


Select comfort over elegance. Again, while of course we want both, it would be wiser and practical to choose furniture and chairs that you would want to touch or curl into and not just look at. The comfort given will not only provide warmth to your room but will also help you create good memories when using them. (Source:


Shapes. Though we're more particular with color, the shape of furniture can actually make a space feel more inviting. Round shaped items, such as lamp shades and tables, can soften a room and make it more lovable and livable. (Source:


Let furniture have friends. Trying something new and you’re not sure if it’s going to match the room’s look or theme? Try giving each piece at least one companion who shares a color, style or finish. This will create a sense of unity in the room while helping you see if the new item will actually fit in. (Source:


Mix & Match

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